Faithful Not Successful
Christy Wilkens

Awakening at Lourdes is here… thanks to you

Writing Awakening at Lourdes was a long process for me. I write to make sense of things; as I wrote, the whispers and nudges God had been sending through the years came into clearer focus. The thing that came into the clearest focus was this: You were my whispers and nudges. Every one of you…

newborn baby hand

Why perfection is a worthy goal for kids with disabilities

We are all called to perfection, and we are all imperfect, even those of us with typically developing bodies and minds. The perfection we are called to is not flawlessness. It is to complete the work of being perfectly ourselves, to become completely the person God has created us to be.

woman praying

St. Monica, the Syrophoenician Woman, and Me

As mothers, we are invited to pour ourselves out for our children in nearly every conceivable way. But it is the spiritual self-emptying that is most central to our role.

autistic girls

What you need to know about autism in girls and women

On average, autistic females are diagnosed later than males and often misdiagnosed with other conditions first. But autistic traits, like any other inherited or acquired traits, shed light on our individual path to heaven.

On the Spectrum book cover

On the Spectrum {Book Review}

This collection of essays all bear Bowman’s signature frank, earnest style. He moves skillfully from isolation to community, building a vision of possibility and hope.


5 Powerful Scriptural Songs of Praise During Trials

Job, Tobit, the Hebrews in the furnace… Throughout Scripture we find examples of of people who also experienced times of great distress, loss, or persecution, but who rose immediately to remind themselves (and, across the centuries, us) that God is still in His heaven.


Why hospital stays are good practice at radical abandonment

There are sacred places in the world where communities come together for the express purpose of caring for — and lifting up — those who cannot care for themselves. Hospitals, especially children’s hospitals, are definitely among them. Staying in a hospital is a valuable exercise in radical abandonment to the will of God.


Radical abandonment in theory and practice

The latest medical mystery in our house is unprecedented… and it’s a proving ground for the practice of radical abandonment.


Litany of the Undiagnosed: A Prayer of Surrender in Uncertainty

Facing a chronic illness with no diagnosis can be a challenging spiritual trial. Use this prayer to ask for Jesus’ accompaniment, as you abandon yourself to his (twisty, winding, difficult) plans for you.


6 Great Sensory-Friendly First Communion Dresses

Simple. Relaxed. Affordable. Mass appropriate. I rounded up some sensory-friendly First Communion options that won’t break the bank for your daughter’s special day — a couple even have my own kids’ seal of sensory approval.