Faithful Not Successful

Awakening at Lourdes is here… thanks to you

Christy Wilkens
Christy holds a copy of Awakening at Lourdes near her left shoulder. She is wearing a red cardigan and glasses, looking at the camera and smiling.

Writing Awakening at Lourdes was a long process for me. I write to make sense of things; as I wrote, the whispers and nudges God had been sending through the years came into clearer focus. The thing that came into the clearest focus was this:

You were my whispers and nudges. Every one of you in my life.

This book release is a testament to that fact. We can do nothing without God, and nothing without each other. The way friends, family, friends-of-friends, fourth cousins, and lost acquaintances have coalesced into a shining community to celebrate the book’s launch is EXACTLY what I’m trying to explain in Awakening at Lourdes. This book happened because I let people love me, in my brokenness, and because I couldn’t help but shout back, in my joy, about the remarkable things God has done for us.

Christy, Todd and Oscar
Christy, Todd, and Oscar sit on a wicker bench. Todd is holding a copy of Awakening at Lourdes. On her lap, Christy holds Oscar, who is looking to his left at the book.

He did them through you.

You have been Christ’s hands and feet to us. And it is an awesome, mind-blowing privilege to offer this book, the work of my hands, back in gratitude and joy.

Awakening at Lourdes: How an Unanswered Prayer Healed Our Family and Restored Our Faith is my love poem to God and to you, his chosen, blessed, broken, loving people.

Awakening at Lourdes books
Five copies of Awakening at Lourdes, fanned out in a stack on a wicker table, spines facing out.