Why perfection is a worthy goal for kids with disabilities

newborn baby hand

We are all called to perfection, and we are all imperfect, even those of us with typically developing bodies and minds. The perfection we are called to is not flawlessness. It is to complete the work of being perfectly ourselves, to become completely the person God has created us to be.

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It is finished

I’m sitting in Panera and 14 seconds after I typed the last word of this book about my pilgrimage to Lourdes, I hear singing in Latin. It sounds like the rosary being sung in Lourdes. I mean, it sounds EXACTLY like the rosary being sung in Lourdes.

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To love these days like any other

Staring into the abyss without clinging tightly to the hand of God is a dangerous game. He’s calling me back to his side now. Take my hand, dear daughter. It’s time to cling again.

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And so, we deepen

I believe now, in my bones, that God is in control and will order all these scary moments into a beautiful whole, someday.

Don’t I? I think I do. Right?

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