Awakening at Lourdes is here… thanks to you

Christy Wilkens

Writing Awakening at Lourdes was a long process for me. I write to make sense of things; as I wrote, the whispers and nudges God had been sending through the years came into clearer focus. The thing that came into the clearest focus was this: You were my whispers and nudges. Every one of you…

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On the Spectrum {Book Review}

On the Spectrum book cover

This collection of essays all bear Bowman’s signature frank, earnest style. He moves skillfully from isolation to community, building a vision of possibility and hope.

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The Best Books on Disability That I Read in 2020

Making sense of the world means reading about what’s going on in my life, so for many years, that’s means books about disability or by disabled writers. Here are a few that helped shape my thinking in 2020, in no particular order.

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Fully Known

I berate myself (and others) for not knowing better, seeing better. But there is only one who Knows us as we are meant to be known, and loves us anyway.

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